Empowerment of local communities in Anzali Free Zone

Empowerment of local communities in Anzali Free Zone

publish date : 2020-07-30 print
Empowerment of local communities in Anzali Free Zone

Concluding a memorandum of cooperation between Omid Entrepreneurship Fund and Anzali Free Zone;


Empowerment of local communities in Anzali Free Zone

Aiming to develop home and small businesses

Noorullahzadeh, CEO of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund, at the signing ceremony of a memorandum of cooperation with the Anzali Free Zone Organization, announced the empowerment of local communities in the Anzali Free Zone with the aim of developing home and small businesses.

At the ceremony, the CEO of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund presented practical and operational proposals for greater focus on both sides and said: "Omid Entrepreneurship Fund is determined to implement and empower local communities in the Anzali Free Zone, with the aim of developing home and small businesses."

He suggested creating small units for packing food and local souvenirs in the villages of the region and the capacities of Anzali Free Zone in the field of handicrafts and especially mat weaving, adding: to apply the mat in people's daily lives, to create a mat development foundation and training center We support mat weaving in order to diversify mat handicraft products.

Noorullahzadeh announced the readiness of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund for holding a joint national and international festival of local food and clothing and mats in Gilan province and said: the fund expressed its financial and advisory support for adapting beach spaces by creating facilities and developing beach sports. And the sea will not hesitate.

Referring to the Memorandum of Understanding between the Fund and the Anzali Free Zone Organization, the CEO of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund said: The credit ceiling set for the Memorandum of Understanding is 100 billion Rials, which is from the resources of the Omid Entrepreneurship Fund to the projects introduced by the Anzali Free Zone Organization. Will be allocated and the ceiling of facilities related to each of the introduced businesses in the fields of home, self-employment and employer is one billion rials, which will be paid after the administrative steps.

He added: identifying and identifying individuals, reviewing and approving the technical and practical qualifications of individuals and projects proposed in the framework of the memorandum, providing technical and scientific advice, implementing the necessary mechanisms for the continuous operation of businesses created under this memorandum, Implementing the plan of each village is a product, educating the interested parties, supporting knowledge-based projects, establishing a branch of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund in Anzali Free Zone are the most important clauses of the memorandum.

Before the speech of the CEO of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund, the Chairman and CEO of Anzali Free Zone Organization, presenting an analysis of the special economic conditions of the country and the world, said: The existence of jobs for each person not only provides personal growth and personal life The country also grows; In the current period and in developed economies, entrepreneurship is not a choice but a necessity because the index of using entrepreneurship as a development mechanism is common and this is also important in the agenda of Anzali Free Zone as a model and driver of development in Guilan province. contract.

Presenting an analysis of the trends in the agricultural, industrial, digital and Internet revolutions, he announced the revolution and other leaps of the world economy around the axis of entrepreneurship and the diverse capacities of Gilan province in the fields of geography, climate, manpower quality, He pointed to tourism, agriculture, raw materials and being on international transit routes and added: "The responsibility of the government towards the people as our guardian is to provide services, opportunities and support for the flourishing of individual capacities and the forthcoming memorandum is such a goal." In order to make it operational, it is necessary to create a team to continuously monitor the implementation processes of the MoU and to use all available capacities.